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September 30, 2020
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Dressing For Success - How To Kill A Good First Impression

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Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde 02 sported her traditional pink suits in the black and white world of Washington politics. Her colleagues branded her as the Barbie. She of course was a part of a film and her character too was professionally successful while she was busy making her "pink" statements.

Although the celluloid world and the real world are two different poles, Legally Blonde brought in a new generation of style statement for the upcoming professional frequenting the Wall Street or the corridors of power. The statement was simple: Express your style, help your fashion enhance your career. Today you would see both Mrs. McCain and Mrs. Obama in their green suits, next to their husbands, battling out for the highest power in the USA.

While for the lesser beings like us whose careers are direct results of our performances, we still cannot deny the fact that the better we are dressed, more effective will be our impression on others. Although the Vogue may vouch for a $1500 corporate suit to help you make your style statement, the fact remains that style has to be affordable and more often than not it is.

Express yourself through your clothes and help your fashion help your career in return. Here are some tips to dress correctly keeping professional workplace in mind.

Do not go ahead and spend oodles of money on designer suits. Look around, you will find good suits and great cuts in local stores and boutiques.

Avoid copying someone else's style. It does not speak well about you. People may notice that you lack creativity or that you do not have your own personality. And the most important thing is that chances are you yourself will not be comfortable with what we are wearing. However if you like your colleague wearing something, then ask her or him where did they get their clothes or accessories from. That way you can check out the store and pick up something that may match your style.

Keep your eyes open. There are often chances that you can pick up a great blouse or a shirt that would go great with your beige trousers.

Dressing is not about showing designer labels. Dressing must reflect your personality. It must also help you be comfortable in your workplace. If you feel uncomfortable strutting all the time in your stilettos, then probably you should think over your footwear.

Browse through the fashion magazines. Keep the idea alive and kicking in your brains. Next time when you are at JC Penny or Kohl's remember to check if there is something that matches the latest trend.

Accessorize; ry matching your handbag or your watch with what you are wearing. These small details help go a long way in the impression that you make.

Corporate world or business, in today's economy, every field has its cut throat competition. Secure that extra edge over your competitor by dressing smartly. Make your impression stay for long in this virtual world.


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