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March 17, 2020
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All About Evening Bags

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There are certain accessories that enhance the power of women, such as evening bags. An evening bag is a must-have of every woman, particularly those who enjoy nigh parties and gatherings. Evening bags don't necessarily mean they are only meant for evening affairs, because some of them can be an everyday purse. An evening outfit with a matching evening bag, if perfectly chosen, allows a woman to look sexy and glamorous.

It's in the 13th and 14th centuries that evening bags came into surface as coin purses. They are traditionally designed from thick embroidered fabric, and have replaced the pouch as an elaborate pocket-less carrier of ladies' stuff. As they continue to be popular, they were used to complete an elegant outfit and have shown plenty of creativity and styles. There were even crocheted evening bags in the shapes of animals or fruits.

It was not until the 18th century that evening bags have started to evolve and grew larger in sizes. From thereon, they become among the social symbols of women. A larger evening bag can hold a bottle of perfume, lipstick, compact powder, credit cards, keys, coins, and a cellphone. A significant purse raises the status of the bearer.

Bags' designs and craftsmanship were also the basis of affluence. There were often constructed at home and if they were beautifully ornate, it shows that the women had a quite long time creating them. Thus, embellished handcraft evening bags became an emblem of prosperous woman who has servants at home to do her household and the only thing that keeps her busy is crafting her bag.

Subsequently, evening bags became mass produced due to the high demand of people. They have followed that fashions year after year and defined the appearance on certain mainstream cultures.

Quite a reverse from their history, evening bags these days are almost too little to be called a bag at all. The explosion of tiny evening bags has been a blessing to women who only need to carry a credit card and cellphone. The latest design of evening bags today are more on an object of art rather than what the history describes. They are usually a trifle or bauble, symbolizing luxuriousness. Impractical to most people, but they often make an adoration for an evening party look.

Evening bags these days are made from a large variety of fabrics. There are also some certain materials incorporated to them to make them look stylish and elegant, such as jewelry. Those materials include leather, silk, satin, velvet, lace, fur, feathers, organza, mesh, voile, tulle, taffeta, sequins, pearls, jewelry, crystal beads, shells, and stained glass.

Evening handbags are now available through online purchasing. There are hundreds of online stores that sell different kinds of fashion bags and even personalized bags - that could be evening purses, totes, travel luggage, toiletry bags, duffel bags, backpacks etc. Since women will not only need one or two types of bag, online stores are beating each other by offering a wide variety of handbags of different kinds and in different sizes, colors, and designs.


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