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March 4, 2020
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A Pocket Knife for the Cosmopolitan Woman

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Every woman should own and carry a pocket knife for a variety of reasons. Even the daintiest of cosmopolitan women should have a nice, razor sharp pocket knife stashed away in her purse for necessary use. What could a lady possibly need with a pocket knife, you ask?

I am glad that you asked. There are so many uses for a pocket knife that a lady could benefit from that I will not have the time or the space to touch on every one of them within the body of this article. However, I assure you, after reading this article; you will wonder how you ever went without your pocket knife.

Clothing Price Tag Emergencies

There is nothing more embarrassing than going out for Martinis with the girls, arriving at the upper scale Manhattan bar and finding that you have failed to remove a tag from your blouse that indicates that you bought it at Wal-Mart.

The problem in this scenario is that Wal-Mart uses those very tough plastic fasteners to attach the clothing price tags to the garment. These are impossible to remove with the hands without tearing the fabric. Yes, you got it. Reach into your Coach purse, and remove your pocket knife. With ease, you will slice right through that tag like butter.

The Taxi Cab Dilemma

There you are, arriving at an important meeting on an early New York morning. You are sporting your best business pant suit; one that would make Hillary Clinton stare with envy. The chilly morning air is not going to stop you as you step out of that cab with your warm winter scarf wrapped around your neck.

Of course, all is going too well; disaster strikes. You step out of that cab and slam the door behind you. The taxi rolls forward a bit looking for a spot to drift into traffic. You feel a rough pull at your throat and realize that the scarf is clamped into the door that you just exited.

With the dexterity of a super heroine, you quickly snag that pocket knife from its sheath that is attached smartly to your Prada belt. You are able to unsnap the sheath and remove the pocket knife with ease as you have practiced this in front of your mirror at home for countless commercials during Oprah. You know what you are doing.

You simply cut very little fabric from the scarf with your pocket knife and pull it free from the cab in the nick of time as it speeds away. You are saved again by your trusty pocket knife.

The Dark and Dreadful Streets at Night

The evening is peaceful, the moon is gorgeous and you and that striking gentleman you met a few weeks ago are taking a stroll home from dinner instead of driving; you know, to stretch your legs. Although the streets can pose a bit of danger at night, and your gentleman friend is more metrosexual than strong and silent, you still have your trusty pocket knife tucked away in your Louis Vuitton handbag. All is well.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, leaps a hooded criminal dressed in all black and wearing a mismatched pair of brown loafers; how dreadful!

Your gentleman caller shrieks very loudly and immediately freezes in place!

You look about frantically and realize that there is not a law enforcement officer anywhere to be found.

Gasp! The hooded bandit removes a nasty looking pocket knife of his own as he stares down at you, his eyes barely visible through that horrible hood.

Without a moment to loose, you deftly remove your pocket knife from your handbag quickly flicking the blade open with the ambidextrous thumb stud available on many popular pocket knives today.

The brigand looks at you as he ceases his aggression; he glances to your knife, then he glances to his knife.

Your gentleman friend emits a high-pitched moan and then faints at your feet.

The thug then observes that your pocket knife is not only bigger than his, but your knife is constructed from AUS 8A steel and has a nice bead blasted finish.

Oh my! The crook drops his knife to the sidewalk, spins on his feet and is gone into the darkness not to be seen or heard from again.

You find yourself cradling your frightened metrosexual male in your arms; brushing back his lightly frosted bangs.

The Horoscope Tells All

Over time, you have grown more accustomed to carrying your pocket knife with you wherever you go. You have come to understand why real men always carry their pocket knives with them, even is the circumstance seems not to call for the use of a pocket knife.

It all makes sense now.

You find yourself in your favorite, modern-deco diner, just down the street from your workplace. A hot frappuccino sits before you warming not only your chilled body, but your heart as well.

You are looking through the "New York Times", the business section, when you are distracted by thoughts of what is to come. Where is your life going? Does he love your, or is he using you? Is that her real hair color, or is it dyed? Pumps or heels?

You shake off your wondering mind and quickly thumb to the Horoscope where all the wisdom of the "New York Times" certainly resides. Ah, you find your sign.

A quick and excited read gives you the solutions you were looking for. According to your horoscope, you should not waste anymore time on lovers who cannot make eye contact. You should move on. You knew it all along, but the dependable horoscope has solidified your opinion about what you should do.

Disaster strikes!

You must have this horoscope to stick to your refrigerator door. But, it would look so awful torn from the newspaper to display ragged edges. This is unacceptable.

And then, your hands reaches down, almost instinctively, and you remove your pocket knife. The blade springs open with little effort as you have practiced and become one with your pocket knife. It is no longer a tool that you grasp; it is now an extension of your hand.

With cat-like precision, you navigate the razor sharp pocket knife blade about the horoscope entry. Perfect, you remove the heart-shaped article from the paper, smile and tuck it into your pocket book.

Once again, your pocket knife has proved to be a necessary instrument along with your compact, lip stick, credit card case and a large horde of other assortments.

I know that you are now feeling a slight bit of panic as you have come to realize that you must own a pocket knife. You must remain calm. You are now set to enter the next stage of the pocket knife lifestyle. You should not rush nor take your search for the perfect blade lightly.

Begin your search for a pocket knife to match your tastes online. Talk to friends and family about the pocket knife they carry. Email your favorite online pocket knife vendor, and ask him, or maybe even her, for suggestions.

Remember, there is a pocket knife for everyone; even the cosmopolitan woman.


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