Beauty Tips Do Not Have to Cost a Fortune


Beauty Tips Do Not Have to Cost a Fortune

Whoever said that beauty is not a good measure of one’s self-worth is sadly misinformed. Women who have a positive outlook in life care about their looks, and it shows clearly in their public persona.

Standards of beauty differ, and many hold fast to the idea that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That said, some beauty tips have stood the test of time and are considered immutable truths.

1. Beauty Sleep

Getting adequate rest is important to allow the body to recover from the day’s stresses. Sleep gives the body a chance to restore and rejuvenate itself. Lack of sleep shows in dark circles under the eyes, puffiness and overall sluggishness, which does not bode well for projecting confidence and zest for life. Even taking a catnap is a quick pick-me-up in much the same way that grabbing a favorite accessory can light up your eyes. Check these out to find some sweet accessories.

2. Physical Activity

Good things result from getting enough exercise: improved heart and lung function, increased weight loss and better skin conditions. Physical activity increases blood flow to detoxify the skin, tones muscles and reduces stress. Today’s iconic beauties always mention working out as one of their top beauty tips.

3. Grooming and all that Good Stuff

A large number of beauty products are intended for cleansing because beauty is associated with clean skin, clean hair and a clean smell. Start with basic grooming, keep your body in the pink and your spirit in the zone, and let your inimitable beauty shine through.

Beautiful Handbags: Tips for Making the Right Choice

Accessorizing your wardrobe begins with making the right choices. Finding the ideal handbag means more than just picking out a color you love with the right number of pockets. Gather a selection of beautiful handbags to wear, and match the tone of your outfit with the purse that has the perfect color, size and purpose.

For a Single Outfit
Sometimes a handbag is just perfect for your favorite outfit without hesitation. The colors, the patterns and the silhouette blend together effortlessly. You’ll know it when you see it.

For Wearing Every Day
Choose the right size purse. You have certain must-have items that you carry every day. An everyday handbag needs to hold your wallet, your phone, your keys, a hairbrush and other necessities. Look for dark, neutral or metallic colors that complement several items in your wardrobe.

For Your Body Shape
Use the rule of opposites if you plan to walk or stand a lot. A bulky handbag or large clutch is ideal for a tall and thin body type. A purse with a long strap and a boxy silhouette works well for a fuller figure and a shorter height.

For the Office
Match your handbag’s tone with your office attire and the corporate atmosphere. Is it relaxed, or is the mood crisp and formal? Be sure to select beautiful handbags that will fit comfortably in your desk drawer while you’re working.

For a Night Out With Friends
A night out with the girls calls for a trendy handbag. Choose carefully. Your friends will notice. Pair neutrals with neutrals, or look for patterns and colors that work well together. Take it one step further by blending bold styles with a simple handbag for the ultimate fashion statement.

For a Special Occasion
If you’re looking for a purse to take to a wedding, a graduation ceremony or a banquet, consider the time of day and what your outfit looks like. Is it formal or semi-formal attire? If you’ll need to be hands-free, carry a bag with a shoulder strap. If you’ll be sitting a lot or have an assigned table, consider a clutch or a small purse that won’t take up a lot of space.

For a Date
Carry a bag that shows off your true sense of style when you’re out with that special someone. Coordinate all of the colors in your ensemble. If you’re wearing your favorite little black dress, choose a stunning handbag that blends in or stands out in perfect balance.

For Work and For Play
Let your handbag make the transition with you. Choose chic elegance. Find closures, pockets and versatility that fit your plans, your colors and your lifestyle.

Bravo has beautiful handbags in hundreds of colors and styles. We carry quality purses to fit your wardrobe, your body shape and your special occasions. Browse our collections today.

5 Steps To a More Fashionable You

A picture of a young happy girl surrounded by clothes over white backgroundAre you a walking fashion disaster? Learning how to get a better fashion sense can boost your confidence and make other people take you more seriously, but you’re probably overwhelmed when you think about ditching your duds for a whole new wardrobe. Follow these five steps to improve your appearance and start loving what you wear.

Step #1: Analyze your current style.
It’s important for you to get a better idea of what you actually like before you try to adopt a better fashion sense. Your wardrobe may not even reflect your real style. Cost and size restraints may have been keeping you from realizing your true potential when it comes to being stylish.

You’ll need to match your preferences with stylish trends. It is important not to wear clothes simply because they’re stylish. This method can leave the wearer hating what they have on, and wearing clothes that you hate just because they’re popular does nothing for your self esteem.

Step #2: Pay attention to fashion experts.
Who can clue you in when it comes to the latest styles? You may think that listening to your spouse, a parent or friends is best, but fashion experts are the only people who really know what they are talking about when it comes to fashion. Fashion magazines provide you with an easily-accessible method of learning about how to keep up with the latest trends.

Step #3: Get ready to keep up with trends.
The hardest part of being fashionable is the fact that trends change so quickly. This means that you’ll need to be on the cutting edge of fashion at any given time. It will take some investment of time and money, but subscribing to fashion-forward blogs, reading fashion magazines and observing the clothing of celebrities can help you keep up with the trends.

Television shows and music videos provide the perfect opportunity for you to learn about new fashion trends without having to dedicate time to scouring the Internet for more information. You can just watch your favorite shows to get an initial idea about popular fashion trends.

Step #4: Don’t forget to accessorize.
Think Italian leather handbags. Earrings, shoes, sunglasses and other accessories can make or break an outfit. A simple outfit can pop with the right accessories, and an outfit that has potential can fizzle if you fail to add the final touches.

Step #5: Go shopping!
This is the fun part that you get to do after you’ve done your research and decided on your desired style. Outlet stores of popular brands can help you save money on the latest styles to make being fashionable fit into your household budget. Focus on staple items including pants, shirts and skirts that can be interchanged to make different outfit combinations.

Knowing how to get a better fashion sense means that you now have the tools to be a better you. Follow the steps above to get noticed for all of the right reasons.

5 Cute Jewelry Pieces

Cleopatra with gold neclaceWomen’s jewelry has come a long way since the days when twigs and bones were fashioned into adornments for various body parts. Today’s women prefer a little sparkle on everything: cute jewelry pieces for casual days, business-like accessories suitable for professional settings and high-end pieces designed for dramatic entrances. Fortunately, jewelry designers are up for the challenge, creating unique designs inspired by life’s quirky trends and fashioned from a medley of materials.

If truth be told, the value of jewelry is not always measured in carats. The cute factor counts for a lot because jewelry is also a reflection of the wearer’s personality, attitude and aspiration. Show your vivacious side with these cute jewelry pieces that deliver drama with a touch of humor.

1. The Math Equation Necklace

This conversation starter of a necklace by Monserat de Lucca strings together three mathematical proofs as circular pendants suspended from a 27-inch chain. The gold chain is burnished for an antique finish. Let this piece stand out against the solid background of your trusty little black dress. Wear this to show off your true geek or as a counterpoint to a party girl get-up.

2. Snake-style Jewelry

Cleopatra’s high style is reimagined in snake-inspired necklaces, bracelets and rings. From Bulgari to Swarovski, serpentine details in gold or silver, which may be bedecked with gems, portray the slithering sensuality of these creatures. Kick it up a notch with touches of animal prints on your outfit or on indispensable accessories such as handbags. Check out our bags here.

3. Bold Candy Arm Creations

Stack the bangles in varying styles and textures and make a bold statement with your arm adornments. Chunky and theatrical bracelets like Jessica Simpson’s hammered hematite cuff adorned with chainmail and cabachon stones display dramatic flair especially when paired with animal print accessories and an understated getup.

4. Rose Gold Jewelry

Rose gold may not be as consistently popular as white and yellow gold, but this unique tone adds vintage charm to any jewelry design. Byzantine link bracelets and necklaces rendered in rose gold are feminine without being too fragile. Current trends indicate that rose gold is back in vogue with rings, earrings and watch bands sporting the distinctive metallic rose glow.

5. Goddess Head Chains

It takes a goddess to get away with head chains, but these delicately-designed chains accented with crystal, glass beads or precious stones are eye-catching accessories. Even the most basic head chain design adds glamour to a minimalist outfit.

Accessorizing with jewelry is a form of personal expression. Let your personality shine through with wickedly fun jewelry pieces that reflect your joie de vivre.

Check Out These New Fashion Styles!

Staying in trend is as simple as following new fashion styles. Use beautiful handbags as accessories to complement your wardrobe. Simple elegance is the key to creating the right ensemble for your busy schedule. Choose your handbag thoughtfully to complete any of these looks.

Animal Prints
animal print handbagAnimal prints are in style. Coordinate up to three different colors in your print with the rest of your outfit. Wear a splash of jaguar or leopard with tones of black, brown, gray, white or gold. Your favorite zebra print jacket will blend nicely with a solid black, solid white or two-tone handbag. Some of the new fashion styles in clothing feature animal prints in unusual colors such as fuchsia or blue as part of the design. Accessorize these vogue prints with a matching fuchsia or blue purse to make the colors pop.

Match your metals. Wear the same tones in hardware on beautiful high fashion handbags, belt buckles, earrings, boot studs and other accents. One of the latest hardware trends is toward metals with muted tones. Stainless steel and polished silver straps and buckles are still in style, but brushed bronze and dark copper accessories are showing up as elegant alternatives.

Bold florals on black backgrounds are trending for fall. Pair your favorite black handbag with a floral-centric outfit for a luncheon, business meeting or evening gathering. Enamel-coated calfskin leather and Italian synthetic leather are solid choices for subtle accents that seamlessly tie together your ensemble. Choose leather handbags in coordinating colors of deep purple lizard skin, red crocodile and playful magenta for a bolder look.

Winter White
Don’t be bashful. Rock the new season with winter white. It goes with almost anything, and it’s perfectly fashionable after Labor Day. Feature a two-tone handbag with a winter white skirt suit or an oversize topcoat for chilly weather.

Updated Looks
Some trends from last fall are still in vogue, and they carry a slightly different twist. For example, the turtleneck has made a resurgence. Wear one in a layered look and coordinate its color with your handbag. Flannel and leather are still trademarks of the grunge and street looks. Long lengths in sleeves and skirts highlight this seasonal update. Wear a basic black leather handbag with a long shoulder strap or a discreet clutch to finish off the mood.

Coordinate popular colors with comfortable accessories as you sport the new fashions. It’s a great way to let your sense of style show through.

5 Fall Clothing Trends That Rock!

Beautiful young woman in elegant dressIf you’re looking for a great look this fall, you probably know that the options are certainly out there for a great new sense of style. Whether you’re looking for a great pair of sunglasses or a fashionable boutique handbag, fashion magazines like Vogue and style blogs like The Sartorialist can provide great ideas for a look, which can make you feel both better about yourself and better about your appearance. Here are just a few ideas to get you started on the right look for autumn.

  1. Monochrome
    When it comes to great fall fashions, monochrome seems to be making a serious mark this autumn. Using black or white shirts, or black or white dresses, with just a little splash of denim blue or cherry red, makes for a great minimalistic style.

  2. That 80s Feel
    While the 90s have been making a definite comeback in the last four years, the tide seems to be changing to the previous decade. And not the big hair and spandex — 80s style now seems to take its cues from a minimalistic, post-punk — even gothic — aesthetic. Anyone who saw A-list celebrities dressed up in Vivienne Westwood for the recent “punk fashion” night at the New York Metropolitan Museum know that this fall is all about breaking down the rules, and building them back up in a decidedly retro style.

  3. A Great Handbag
    With the ability to find great handbags over the internet, finding boutique handbags for a good deal has never been easier. And this fall, it’s just the kind of accessory that can make a good outfit look even better. Remember that when looking for boutique or leopard print handbags, knowing what will go with your clothes is a fantastic way to liven up your style.

  4. A Future So Bright, You’ve Got to Wear Shades
    Autumn is a time when the sun is still shining and you can use a great pair of sunglasses to create an outfit that is both cool and contemporary. Ray-Bans and Persols are just a few of the best brands to get a good look going — but a great way to get the same look is to look for sales at big-name department stores, which often have great sales and even knock-off brands that look just as good.

  5. The Advertising Age
    With shows like “Mad Men” bringing back a decidedly retro look to fashion, it’s no secret that an early 1960s sensibility can also show a savvy style. Print dresses, hair held up in a bun, and other such throwbacks to a different age are just some of the ways you can root your look in both a classy and a contemporary style.

What Should You Look for in a Handbag?

Reora Black Jigsaw High Fashion HandbagYour handbag goes everywhere with you. You don’t just use it to carry your money; it’s the holder of everything you need on a daily basis. Everyone you meet will see your purse and make snap subconscious judgments about your personality, your character and your status in life. You might not care. They might not care, either. It still happens, whether you want it to or not. Your handbag stands out at the store, at a social gathering, everywhere you bring it, because it is an extension of your outfit and one of the most conspicuous factors in your entire presentation.

What should you be looking for in a handbag, then? It should not only be functional, but also an expression of who you are today, tomorrow and into the future. Whether you use one purse at all times or switch between twelve or more, you should feel comfortable holding it and wearing it as part of your ensemble. When people see your purse, they should think, “Yes. That suits her.”

When buying a new purse, look for a product that sets the mood you want to convey to others. Do you want to be seen as feisty and creative? You might look into leopard print handbags. Are you going for sleek and sophisticated? Go for the quintessential glossy black purse. The first impression you make is often the one that will stay with people the longest. The handbag you choose plays a part in representing who you are and who you wish to be.

The size is another important element in a purse. You have to consider everything you want to bring with you. Do you just want something that holds your wallet, keys and a tube of lipstick? There are plenty of cute, small bags to meet your needs. Are you the type who likes to keep a book or electronic reading device with you? Go a bit larger.

Some prefer many pockets so they can organize everything exactly as they like. In any case, make sure the purse includes at least one zippered pocket if you want to carry anything important with you. You don’t want anything vital slipping out of an open purse.

However you choose your high fashion handbag, make sure your first step is brainstorming your needs. Don’t compromise on them. There’s always another sale and always another excellent purse out there that’s perfect for you. You just have to search with a focused eye.

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